Our Vision

For over 40 years, we have always carried forward with our understanding of service and quality, with a customer-focused approach and environmental awareness. Ceylan Makina stands shoulder to shoulder with its employees, partners, contractors and clients with our unchanging values in national and international competition. Ceylan Makina always strives towards reaching our goal of becoming a global brand.

As well as our investments in our machinery park and new technologies, Ceylan Makina is also committed to its human resources by developing the knowledge levels of our engineers and staff to answer the demands of our valued clients. With this combination of technology and knowledge, we are proud to successfully market our products in European, Asian & African markets.

Ceylan Makina will continue to market its innovative products to its target markets which are also technically compliant with all Turkish ministry regulations as well as European Community Compliance laws documented through the necessary safety and technical tests.

About Ceylan Makina

Ceylan Makina is one of the leading providers and manufacturers of cement packing machines as well as storage, packing, loading, stacking and material transfer equipments across the world.

Contact Info

 Adress: Beylikdüzü Birlik Sanayi Sitesi 2. Cad. No: 89 34900 Beylikdüzü – İSTANBUL

 Telephone: +90 212 875 17 20

 Fax: +90 212 875 05 13

 Email: info@ceylanmachinery.com