Message From Our CEO

Dear Esteemed Business Partners and Colleagues,

As Ceylan Makina Family, we are proud to leave behind our 40th anniversary while looking into the future with a stronger and more hopeful vision and perspective. As a part of our commitment of reaching an internationally accepted corporate standard and contributing to the improvement of the quality of life in our country, we are proud to present you with our new corporate identity including our new websites as well as corporate catalogues, brochures and social media accounts.

Since its establishment Ceylan Makina A.S. has been a pioneer its sector carrying out many successful national & international projects and continuing to make a difference with our innovative approach to business processes acting with the awareness that our achievements are also considered as the success of our country.

In accordance with our efforts to keep up with the developing trends in the sector, it is our pleasure to announce our updated infrastructure as well as our new logo which is a symbol of our corporate identity and incorporation.

Rather than staying away and resisting to change; we are capturing the new emerging growth opportunities and trying to increase and share our earnings by evaluating the developing trends and market conditions. We embrace the competition and see it as a driving force towards success through a balanced and systematic approach.

Through innovation, we strengthen our competitive identity. We are committed to combine professional approach with continuous growth and excellence. Our high quality product range and state of the art technology is at the same level as the leading brands in Europe and this also makes a positive difference for local manufacturers as well. We provide a high level product and service guarantee which also strengthens and supports our sales channels. We serve our clients through our wide range product portfolio as well as our ability to provide custom solutions according to their needs and requirements.

As well as our investments in our machinery park and new technologies, Ceylan Makina is also committed to its human resources by developing the knowledge levels of our engineers and staff to answer the demands of our valued clients. With this combination of technology and knowledge, we are proud to successfully market our products in European, Asian & African markets.

Ceylan Makina will continue to market its innovative products to its target markets which are also technically compliant with all Turkish ministry regulations as well as European Community Compliance laws documented through the necessary safety and technical tests.

We very well know the main reason why our partners prefer us; we are not just a company that manufactures and sells machinery. We add value to our shareholders, partners and clients with our dedicated after sales service and customer support approach combined with training, expert technical support and customer-oriented solutions. We maximize product management in the best way possible and deliver efficiency and profitability which enables us to expand the market share of our brand.

We acknowledge that risk management is a natural part of business life and we do not hesitate to take the necessary risks on behalf of our business partners on our way to efficiency and profitability. Even during periods when global economic uncertainties make short-term plans impossible, we show exceptional reflexes with critical decision making to get over the most complicated situations and insurmountable conditions with the support of our innovative applications, partners and shareholders. Our aim is to always provide professional solutions, dynamic activities and reliable delivery times.

We proudly would like to invite you to join Ceylan Makina Family and become one of our satisfied customers by offering you long term stable and reliable business relationships for your company and your client’s needs.

On behalf of Ceylan Makina Family, I would like to once again thank everybody who share & believe in our dreams and follow us during our journey to success including all of our employees, customers, investors, business partners and social shareholders.

Your trust is our strength to lead the way.

Kemalettin Özgur
Mechanical Engineer M.SC. (Heavy Machines)
General Manager

About Ceylan Makina

Ceylan Makina is one of the leading providers and manufacturers of cement packing machines as well as storage, packing, loading, stacking and material transfer equipments across the world.

Contact Info

 Adress: Beylikdüzü Birlik Sanayi Sitesi 2. Cad. No: 89 34900 Beylikdüzü – İSTANBUL

 Telephone: +90 212 875 17 20

 Fax: +90 212 875 05 13